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Scars on your skin (including your scalp and in your mouth) that have not fully healed may still be active and can cause your nervous system to go out of wack!

We have observed how scars effect the nervous system for years.  Scars can prevent you from healing.

Your skin is your largest organ and if scars are not attended to, they can be the cause of a lot of stress. Scars on the body can sometimes result in interference to the communication pathways from organs to the brain.  It is estimated that about 80% of our sympathetic nerve fibers are in the skin.  If these scars are acting as a roadblock to these communication pathways (think of an overturned semi-tractor backing up all lanes of a freeway), then health can be adversely affected by causing interference to properly function.  The meridian is the freeway of our body.  When scars cross a meridian or lie along its course, the scar impacts the energy flow throughout that meridian.  Even small scars (especially around the midline of the body) can have a weighty effect. C-section, episiotomy, circumcision, thyroidectomy, vasectomy scars, and even the navel are examples of scars in the midline that cross the midline of the body.

Holes in the body such as pierced navels, nose rings, pierced ears, and tongue rings can behave like scars.  Navel rings almost always have a deleterious effect as

they not only cross and disrupt the energy flow, but because they are metal, they can have an electromagnetic effect.  Usually this jewelry must be removed and the piercing treated as a scar.  Tattoos, stretch marks, and burns can also have this effect.

Some scars are white while others are red or purple. As a scar heals, it will turn colors and then become close to our skin color again. Even old scars can usually become the color of our normal skin again. It is critical to rub your scars until such time that they become deactivated. The process below is the easiest way, probably the most affordable way and sometimes the only way to get your body to calm down enough to heal.


  • Rub scars gently and slowlywith: organic Wheat Germ Oil OR organic Sesame Seed Oil OR organic Black Currant Seed Oil.
  • Rub the oil into your scars for four minutes each.
  • 2 minutes horizontally, then rub 2 minutes vertically.
  • If you have a lot of scars, it’s okay to only rub ½ of your scars at a time. Make a list of them, then divide your body down the center (head to foot) and do the right side one time and the left side the next time. You can order Wheat Germ Oil or Sesame Seed Oil here from our online Fullscript store.

Chinese cupping and Cold Laser therapy are two additional treatments for scars.  Chinese cupping therapy is a favorite for helping scars that are keloided to flatten out. Cold Laser is a high intensity light (or energy) that operates at a specific frequency to increase the blood supply to the scar area.  The increase in blood is used by the cells to facilitate the repair of the injured tissue. The application of 4-5 minutes to the scar may need to be repeated weekly anywhere from 4 to 7 times.

It is estimated that the high quality oils will handle 50% of scar problems.
Cold laser therapy will affect 70%.  And the two applications combined will handle about 90% of scars.

NOTE: Some scars act crazy by sucking your healing energy up because they want to heal.  So when they are treated, you can feel strange fireworks tingling all over your body.  Don’t worry. Slow down and keep breathing you have just experienced stored energy being released. It will pass. Then be sure to stretch out where you felt the fireworks/tingling/electrical zinging.

If the scar is tender – just lay your hand on it and breathe. Once the scar is less tender then it is ready for treatment.
If you suspect are particular scar is preventing you from healing, give us a call and we’ll be glad to assess it for you.

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