Functional nutrition. Scars, heavy metals, chemicals, biotoxins (parasites, mold, bacteria, viruses), food sensitivities, nutrient deficiency. Find the root cause. Fix it.

The 6 Barriers to Healing

During new patient Initial Consults, we identify which of the 6 barriers to healing a person may have. Then, we support your body to remove them with Functional Nutrition. Once the barriers are addressed, healing happens, naturally.  Find the cause. Fix it.  What are the barriers? Simply put:1. Scars2. Heavy metals3. Chemicals4. Biotoxins5. Food sensitivities […]

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Protein Power

Every cell, every tissue and every organ in the human body contains protein. Every healthy human being requires protein daily to help the body repair cells and make new ones. Protein is also important for growth and development in children, teens, and pregnant women. Our bodies are proportionately made mostly of protein, fats, minerals and water.

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Scars Prevent Healing

Scars on your skin (including your scalp and in your mouth) that have not fully healed may still be active and can cause your nervous system to go out of wack! We have observed how scars effect the nervous system for years.  Scars can prevent you from healing. Your skin is your largest organ and

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The Pharmaceutical Myth

Gerald Roliz, CNC, MBA, MSACN explains how he fell into the glamorous job of a pharmaceutical sales representative after graduating from the world’s most prestigious public university, U.C. Berkeley. After 5 years as a “drug rep”, he realized his products were not helping people heal, and possibly preventing them from healing. In his book, he

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Weston A. Price | The Pioneer

Dr. Weston A. Price practiced dentistry in Cleveland, Ohio during the 1920’s. He taught thousands of students at dental schools, authored technical papers and textbooks.  Dr. Price’s work in the dental industry contributed to society greatly. However, his greatest contribution to society stemmed from his curiosity to understand why his patients developed dental cavities and

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Standard Process

Dr. Royal Lee, the founder of Standard Process Farm, believed that each individual’s unique nutritional requirements are best evaluated through a consultation with a health care professional. We are a team of natural health professionals that he would be proud of. One of the reasons that the Standard Process prefers to only sell their whole

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Pottenger’s Cats

Dr. Francis Pottenger Jr., MD was a pioneer in using extracts of the adrenal glands for allergic states and the syndrome of adrenal depletion. In his practice, he always highlighted proper diet based on the principles discovered by Dr. Weston A. Price. He is known for his classical experiments in cat nutrition across multiple generations. It

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The philosopher and teacher Rudolf Steiner once said, “For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. I believe that there is a healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap this wonderful

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Each and every day of our lives, we are put to the test facing challenging environmental obstacles. The triad of health represents the three sides of our health that are affected by these day to day challenges. The balance of three health areas: structural, nutritional, and emotional, is the foundation of one’s health. An imbalance

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Food Intolerances

Certain foods may cause you to have specific symptoms. Many are obvious. For example, someone who is lactose intolerant may clearly have symptoms of diarrhea immediately after consuming milk. That was me in college. During my childhood and all throughout high school, I would consume nearly half a gallon a day of pasteurized milk. Once

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