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Every cell, every tissue and every organ in the human body contains protein. Every healthy human being requires protein daily to help the body repair cells and make new ones. Protein is also important for growth and development in children, teens, and pregnant women.

Our bodies are proportionately made mostly of protein, fats, minerals and water. If we do not have enough of these 4 materials from our diet, our body cannot run the processes or biological activities it does to heal.

Protein is key for blood sugar stabilization.
Protein is needed for proper balance of hormones. Thyroid hormones and serotonin originate from specific amino acids. Protein in our bloodstream helps slow the catabolic process within our bodies and allows us to slow the rate in which cortisol may break down our bones. 

Protein is needed to aid your liver in metabolizing and excreting heavy metals and chemicals you absorb from your environment. More specifically, glutathione conjugation, amino acid conjugation are mechanisms that allow Phase II liver detoxification to occur. If the liver is not fed sufficient amino acids, then the body’s detoxification and elimination pathways start to struggle.

We recommend you start consuming protein at every meal, especially breakfast. Start by eating the amount similar to the palm of your size at every meal. I often have a steak or chicken breast for breakfast. Don’t fall into the trap that eggs and bacon are the only sources of protein in the morning. Move the eggs and bacon to lunch or dinner. Then whatever dinner protein you are used to, try having it for breakfast. Tomorrow, I’m probably going to have salmon for breakfast. Be sure to have a complete protein at breakfast. We call it, the breakfast of champions.

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