Your First VISIT

Your initial consultation will be where you get the answers to pressing health questions.
What is causing my migraines? Why is my stomach so upset?
How did I get this depressed?
My doctor said my thyroid is normal but why do I still feel this way?

We are just as excited as you to find the root cause of your ill health!

Please plan 90 minutes for your initial consultation depending on the severity of your case. For women, please avoid wearing a dress as our baseline tests will require access to your torso. Our testing and muscle testing is non-invasive. We will uncover if your body has specific challenges in healing due to specific food, heavy metals chemical, immune sensititivies or intolerances. Scars that have not fully healed may also be active and preventing you from healing.

Your practitioner will guide you through the process with a thorough explanation. Once your results are identified and baseline tests are taken into consideration your practitioner will create a designed clinical nutrition to meet your specific needs.

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