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Every parent is doing the best with what they know.  Learn more. Do better. Our children are counting on us.

Ever wonder why rates of chronic illness in children are rising? 
Peanut allergies were never an issue. Why can’t our kids bring nuts to school, but we could? Why does Type 1 Diabetes develop mostly in children? What medical procedures do they receive more of, than us adults? 

Ever wonder how a person develops an allergy to latex? Did you know that vial caps of certain injectable medications are made of latex and the needle that pierces them during the extraction of the aqueous solution sometimes has a piece of latex drawn up within the syringe? How does the body respond to latex or food antigens once they are directly injected into the blood stream? Are Immunoglobulin G or E responsible to mount a response to this foreign substance? If yes, why are peanut, milk, soy, egg proteins in the injections and what effect do they have in causing food sensitivities and/or allergies?  

This is a preview webinar to an online course Gerald offers to natural healthcare practitioners across the country who are addressing vaccine injury. You’ll be able to gain a lot of insight in just the 20 minutes of the content you see here.  

Here’s a list of ingredients as shown in the video above.  

Download the injection adjuvant worksheet HERE

Why is polysorbate 80 an ingredient? It’s known to open the blood brain barrier.
Next question, why is aluminum or mercury also mixed in with the polysorbate 80? What gaurantees that aluminum or mercury (known neurotoxins), will not enter the brain of a child?  And if it does, do medical doctors know how to reverse it (or prevent it)? 

MRC-5 and WI-38 originate from aborted fetal tissue DNA. Why are they even in there in the first place? What are the effects of injecting foreign DNA into a developing human being?  Can it be worse than getting a blood tranfusion with the wrong blood type?  

Ask these questions to any conventional pediatrician and they’ll give you some made up answer, feed you the false narrative of ‘safe and effective’ and may even call you names for asking real questions. 

Do your research on each of these ingredients and you may possibly understand why children today have many more health issues than children during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  

We at the Natural Health Improvement Center of Idaho and our colleagues around the world know the truth and want every child to have a chance to be healthy and happy.  

If you are looking for a natural approach to improving your health, it starts with supporting the body to eliminate injection ingredients and rebuilding healthy organs with the right food and herbs. Book an initial consultation HERE


Vaccine Exemption information:
In the state of Idaho, your child is able to attend most daycare and schools without being vaccinated if you provide a signed exemption form. Print this exemption form out and submit to the administration of the daycare or school your child attends. If the daycare or school discriminates based on vaccination status, you may contact a local lawyer should you feel your medical freedom is impinged upon.

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