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What is Prop 65?

Prop 65 is a California law that companies doing business in the state of California are required to follow. The law mandates companies place warning labels on any products with heavy metals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Here’s What This Label Doesn’t Tell You:

  • Trace amounts of heavy metals are found naturally in the soil. If a product is organic, it will contain trace amounts of heavy metals.
  • Not all heavy metals hurt you. Organic heavy metals — like iron, and zinc — are actually good for you in small amounts. It’s the inorganic, man-made metals that are toxic and harm the body.
  • Prop 65 places limits on all heavy metals — regardless if they are organic or inorganic. Prop 65’s limits are far below normal standards.

NOTE: The information provided within these assets may have changed due to ongoing updates from the FDA.

What Does Prop 65 Mean for You?

If you see any of our products with a Prop 65 sticker, there’s no need to panic.

Prop 65 tests far below normal standards and has no way to judge between helpful organic heavy metals and harmful inorganic heavy metals.

All of the supplement manufacturers of the supplements we recommend  do stringent testing on all of their products. For example, if any of our products contain more than 5 ppm of lead (half of the suggested limit from The United States Pharmacopeia), they reject the lot.

Our promise to you are solutions that work. We know how important clean, safe ingredients and final products are to you and your health. We wouldn’t sell products we aren’t confident to take ourselves and give to our families.

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