Corporate wellness program

We ensure your employees are healthy, at work, naturally.

Together, we can reduce health risks, boost productivity and morale, and improve the health and value of your greatest asset, your workforce.

Every person has an impact on the bottom line.

Healthy employees are productive employees. Let us help you keep your bottom line healthy.
● Employee absenteeism can decrease revenue and/or increase costs
● Workers Compensation claims can increase costs
● When managers and coworkers have to cover shifts for staff members who are out sick, the risk of burnout can potentially harm morale, culture and productivity.

The health of your employees is our priority.

The Natural Health Improvement Center’s Corporate Wellness program provides a program based on safe and natural solutions for employers to enhance employee health and wellbeing.

It begins by aligning employees with a natural health provider to receive a deep-dive natural health consultation. Next, employees complete a health assessment and receive an action plan and resources to fill in nutrient gaps. Having regular follow-up visits leads to early identification of nutrient deficiencies before they become costly to address. In addition, employers get regular reports of employees’ levels of stress, nutrition, exercise and more.

We want to partner with you because you care about your employees and their health.

Beyond health assessments and risk identification, we provide valued assistance to help employees manage many health problems with safe and natural solutions.

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